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The Art & Science of Improving Core Instruction: Interview with Carol Dissen

The first step in improving tiered instruction is to provide high-quality Tier 1 (core) instruction, but how do we do this with what we're already asked to teach? Carol Dissen, creator of ECRI (Enhanced Core Reading Instruction) shares the benefits of an enhanced core and how all teachers can incorporate explicit strategies into their instruction, regardless of what program they're using.

AIMing High to Improve Learning: Interview with Pat Roberts & Nancy Blair of AIM Academy & Institute

As educators, we want to reach every child, but helping students with learning challenges has often been difficult. What if there was a place that was not only transferring the latest research into classrooms, but also leading the research within their school that can help all students? Pat Roberts & Nancy Blair of the AIM Academy and AIM Institute are doing exactly this, and they're willing to share what they've learned with everyone.

Explicit Instruction in ALL subjects: Interview with Dr. Laura Fiveash

How do we help EVERY student, including those with learning differences succeed in all subjects? Find out how one school is leading the way with explicit instruction in all disciplines while also writing a math curriculum specifically for students with learning differences. Our latest podcast featuring Dr. Laura Fiveash, head of school at Spring Valley School in Birmingham, Alabama, will inspire your work to help all students, but especially those with learning differences.

The Writing AND Learning Revolution: Interview with Dr. Judith Hochman

With students from all types of schools struggling to write effectively, Dr. Judith Hochman brought together evidence-based strategies for writing that became known around the world as "The Hochman Method." This work was shared in her book The Writing Revolution, which was co-written with Natalie Wexler. Dr. Hochman continues to show teachers how to use writing as a teaching tool to accelerate learning in all content areas.

Maximizing Impact of Instructional Coaches: Interview with Dr. Lindsay Clare Matsumura

Instructional coaches are an incredible tool in improving teacher practice, but how do we support these individuals in their work? Learn how to maximize their impact, create the conditions for success, and revolutionize opportunities for teachers to be coached effectively in this interview with Dr. Lindsay Clare Matsumura. Also learn about her work with literacy instruction and improving students' reading comprehension through dialogic conversations. It's a conversation you don't want to miss!

The Partnership Approach for Adolescent Readers: Interview with Dr. Leigh Hall

Working with adolescents can be challenging, but add in the fact that many young people struggle with reading, it can become a battle. Dr. Leigh Hall has spent her career identifying ways to help adolescent readers. Her latest work identifies simple ways to build bridges between these readers, their motivation, and futures where they love to read and read well.

Improving Literacy During a Pandemic: Interview with Dr. Matt Warford & Dr. Demedia Edwards

Adopting a new curriculum in the middle of a pandemic was a challenge, but it is already paying off in Aldine, Texas. Learn how literacy leaders Dr. Matt Warford and Dr. Demedia Edwards are learning how to improve teaching and creating leaders as they go. Learn what went well, what they would improve, and the benefits they are already seeing from their implementation of CKLA.

Growing Up Dyslexic & Achieving Peace of Mind- Interview with Harper Howard

Growing up dyslexic, Harper Howard didn't understand why she struggled in school. Then, the anxiety began. Fast forward a few years, and she has turned these challenges into her platform, Peace of Mind. Her goal is to help all young people learn about mental health issues and remove the stigma of seeking help. Her story will inspire those who are dyslexic, suffer from anxiety, or both. Follow Harper on Instagram at Peace_of_Mind_2021!

Trauma-Informed Literacy Instruction: Interview with Erin Silcox

Amid a global pandemic, the issue of trauma has emerged like never before. Trauma has always existed in classrooms, but never to the extent that it does now. Learn how we can help trauma-affected students and teachers in this podcast with Erin Silcox of Trauma-Informed Teachers.

A Better Way to Intervene: Interview with Dr. Matt Burns

The need for intervention with students has never been greater, but we need better and more effective ways to do it. Learn from Dr. Matt Burns how class wide intervention for any subject, but especially reading, changes outcomes for students.

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